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The Russia Investigations: Who's Running The Justice Department?

This week in the Russia investigations: Sessions is out. Whitaker is in. Rosenstein is still the deputy attorney general — for now. Who is running the Department of Justice? Main Justice At the Justice Department's landmark headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue, the big office on the fifth floor is now vacant. President Trump cleared it out this week in the most-expected, least-surprising personnel move of all time, following month after month of verbal abuse for one of his earliest supporters...

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The film deservedly won the top prize last year at the Cannes Film Festival...

"The Son's Room" reminds me why I love character-driven European films: the pace is slow, the camera lingers on a face longer than an American shot would dare, and the theme is frighteningly simple but almost always universal. In this case, a loving family has lost a son; the grieving process and the letting go are painful and inevitable. The film makes it all as lyrical as could be possible for a grim topic.

"Delhi is a strange 'globalized' world where tradition butts heads with modernity at every turn"...

"Panic Room" is a good "B" movie that makes you glad you don’t live in a mansion in the heart of NYC...

"When they say 'No,' they're looking for a way to say 'Yes.'"...

Why do fundamentalists and zealots sometimes resort to murder to carry out "the will of God"? ...

These two actresses are superb at being bitchy and seductive to each other as well as their enemies...

Don't cross the characters played by Stockard Channing and Julia Stiles in "The Business of Strangers." If you do, you'll think the male revenge film "In the Company of Men" to be a modest complaint about the battle of the sexes. "Business" is a raw polemic about corporate women treated ill by men in and out of the boardroom.

"Scotland, PA." is a Big Mac served with a side of Shakespearean noir...

"Scotland, PA." is a Big Mac served with a side of Shakespearean noir. The '70s McBeths plan the murder of their boss Norman Duncan to take over his burger restaurant. The parody of 1970's culture, especially fast food, works well from bellbottoms to drive-through windows.

"Lantana" is a psychological thriller that draws together four couples whose lives become as thickly entwined as the lantana's vines...

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!
~Sir Walter Scott, "Marmion"

WCBE's "It's Movie Time" critics butt heads over the year's Top 25 picks and their Academy Award Choices...

Most of the year's box office block busters may be missing from "It's Movie Time's" John DeSando and Clay Lowe's list of Golden Oldies, but then why would anyone expect these two old curmudgeons to be in tune with what's hip at local multiplexes?

Why can't I learn about the artist's creative process in these films about artists?

"Iris" is not really about novelist/philosopher Iris Murdoch -— it is about her enduring romance with John Bayley and the degenerative effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Her words from the lecture podium are often aimed at the thematic core of the film: the need for love.


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WCBE Presents Amy Ray Live From Studio A Tues. Nov. 13, 2018@11AM!

WCBE is pleased to announce the return of Amy Ray to studio A. Her last visit was back in 2008. She will be in town to perform at Stuart's Opera House in Nelsonville the evening of the 13th. "Holler" , her latest solo effort, an americana based release, came out in late September. She also teamed up with Indigo Girls bandmate Emily Saliers and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra for some shows and a release earlier this year. Find out more about what this Grammy Award winning artist has been up...

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100 Years On, The 'Hello Girls' Are Recognized For World War I Heroics

In a rehearsal space near New York's Times Square, the cast is preparing for the opening of a musical, The Hello Girls , that's been a century in the making. "Very few people have heard this story," said Cara Reichel , director of the production that premieres off-Broadway on Nov. 13, two days after the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I. Reichel hadn't heard of the Hello Girls either, until a few years ago. Here's how she describes them: "America's first women soldiers...

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Scientists Spy On Bees, See Harmful Effects Of Common Insecticide

A team of researchers peered inside bumblebee colonies and spied on insects individually labelled with a tiny tag to figure out exactly how exposure to a common insecticide changes their behavior in the nest. They found that the insecticide — from a controversial group called neonicotinoids — made the bees more sluggish and antisocial, spending more time on the periphery of the nest. It also made them less-attentive parents, according to research published Thursday in the journal Science ....

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