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About Ria: I started doing wellness before it was a buzz word and its programming so ubiquitous. As the industry grows, services get diluted. Someone who is truly an expert of all areas is hard to come by and someone who truly possesses the knowledge as opposed to just rehashing their scripts is even harder. My method of delivery I call, “Edutainment” and what I do, You Inc. I am here to give you the tools to build the most important brand in your life, YOU. You’ll never be as young as you are today so don’t waste another moment. Time to stop spinning and start winning! Practicing what I preach, I am involved in many civic groups and initiatives, personal enrichment at every opportunity, voracious reader, gardener, raising free-range children, highly selective about what my family eats, physically active, screens light, and a voracious traveler.

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  Episode 63: Insight

Do you want to be a better co-worker and co-lifer? All you need is a bit of insight into what characteristics can boost your relationships however formal or informal they may be. In this episode, Ria talks insight with popular blogger, Matthew Fray.

Insights into Relationships: Perk Up Communication Skills with Your Spouse by Yoram Sisso

Episode 62: Parenting 

Violent media effects, managing anger, narcissism and aggression—these are just a few of the topics that arise when taking on the most challenging and rewarding job a person can have: parenting. This week, Dr. Bushman joins Ria to discuss the tales, myths and lies told to parents about how to raise their children as well as offering some insight into the truth about raising a family. 

Episode 61: Leadership  

He is the leader of our city, and now he is the leader of your brand. This week we discuss leadership with a new and very familiar face—our mayor, Andrew Ginther! Learn how he lead his way to success in our city and how you can do the same whether it is in Columbus or beyond. 

Trust Rules: How the World’s Best Managers Create Great Places to Work by Bob Lee

 Episode 60: Leadership

Anyone can be a leader if they learn how to follow some simple steps. In this episode, Ria discusses the important difference between leading and managing that can give you the all access pass to becoming a leader. Also, learn from CEO of Metcalf and Associate, Maureen Metcalf just how she became an expert leader. 

Episode 59: LIVE at the Arnold, Strength

Today we are LIVE to the Arnold Sports Festival and what better tool to discuss here than strength! This week, Dr. Goldman talks to us about how we may not have to master that 500 lb deadlift to be considered strong and how that strength all around can lift your brand to new heights.

The Arnold Sports Festival

 Episode 58: Technology

Technology is the word that has been on everybody’s minds, mouths (and texts) for the last several decades—but is this rapidly increasing technological age a good or bad thing? Well it can be both depending on how you look at it, which is why it is important to discuss the dangers of addictive technology and the benefits of learning how to use it effectively for your brand. Joining Ria to discuss this matter is author Erik Slangerup. 

 Episode 56: Blending Part 2

Welcome back to part two of our series, blending, featuring guests Eva Cataland, Lori McCaughn and Cheryl Johnson. Last episode we faced nasty divorces, custody battles fought with through strong bonds and love. Stay tuned to see how each of their stories end.

The Ugly Truth About Blended Families by Kate Chapman

Episode 55: Blending Part 1    

This important episode of You Inc. was so intense, that we decided to break it into two episodes. Join us for part 1 of our step-siblings series, Blending, featuring Eva Cataland, Lori McCaughn and Cheryl Johnston discuss how they navigated a new family dynamic. 

The Ugly Truth About Blended Families by Kate Chapman

 Episode 44: Fusion   

Make your perfect life-pizza using this important tool: fusion! Every building needs the cement to fuse together various pieces and make a whole. Just like building a building or building a pizza, the same fusion goes for building you brand. In this episode, music director Rossen Milanov discusses how he fused aspects of his own career to find his beat.

   Episode 51: Awareness Part 2 

I think I can, I think I can, I did. How’s that for an ending to your life narrative? Without a little (or a lot, for that matter) of determination, your brand could look a heck of a lot different. Choose to be determined and you will reap the benefits. If you find this hard to believe, take Shannon Hall, a woman who went from obese in her mid-30’s to a IronMan triathlete’s word for it: with a little determination everything is possible. 

Episode 50: Achieving Awareness   

The best way to change the way you are viewed is to change how you view others. It is easy to be seen as unapproachable in a world of crazy schedules, information overload and screen addiction that distract from what is in front of us. Awareness is the key to approachability and in this episode, Dr. Seth Josephson gives you the tools you need to unlock your potential. 

 Episode 49: Transformation  

Let’s talk strength from the inside out. We don’t all have the six-pack abs we see in the movies, but the armor we wear on the inside is much harder than our outer layer can ever lead on. Don’t believe it? Stop waiting for the perfect frame to activate your inner strength. This week bartender and comedian Amber Falter discusses transformation.  

T Is For Transformation by Shaun T.

Episode 48: Powering Through Uncertainty

They say that mothers know best-- but even the best mothers don't know it all. There is too much learning to be had in this universe for anybody to be completely certain about their next move. In this episode, art gallery owner, Marlana Hammond discusses why it is more than okay to be uncertain and how to power through it.

 Episode 47: Balancing Work and Love

Half of Americans are in dual career relationships. Therefore it is important for us to learn how to navigate life in a world that is constantly changing while maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. This week, business partners Rebecca and Sebastian Ibel give you the scoop on how they have succeeded in love and in life.

Episode 46: Dual Career Relationships With Former Dancers Sonia & Jimmy Orrante

Sometimes love feels like a beautiful melody, sometime work is right on tune but, with that said, the two do not always make the perfect harmony. In this episode, former dancers Sonia and Jimmy Orrante discuss how they learned to face the dual career relationship head-on instead of dancing around it.

 Episode 45: LIVE at Wonderball  

The continuation of this dual career relationship series proves that love and work are a two way street. With that said, those two streets don’t have to run parallel. This week, Ria is LIVE at Wonderball with Fashion Industry Superstars, Vicki and Ken Hewes. After all, healthy and happy relationships are always in style.  

Wonderball Event 

Episode 44: LIVE at Art Basel

Should I stay or should I go? This week we talk about getting down to our roots to discover our life paths. While society has made mobility much easier (this episode is even filmed on the road at Art Basel), is it the best option? Tune in as Ria and guest Bill Gardner give you the tools you need to make that life-changing decision. 

Episode 45: Reshaping Religion    

Religion seems to consistently make its way into headlines as a controversial topic. What if we could talk about religion, spirituality and the evolution of the two without having one be right and one wrong? Tune in for a special talk about religion and spirituality that does not aim to sway you one way or another, but rather keep you level-headed.

 Religion with Dr. Stephen Kern   

These days, talk of religion feels like a battleground—but it does not have to be. Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddist, Agnostic and everything in between, talking religion as it has evolved throughout history is a conversation that everyone can share and build on. Join Dr. Stephen Kern and me as we discuss religion, spirituality and the intertwined nature of the two as they have moved through history. 

 Grit with Claire Coder

In today’s corporate world, we are too busy to search for our free time and, consequently, become complacent with inadequacy. Grit is now a necessity in life—especially if you plan to swim in the pool of little time and strenuous tasks. But can grit be created or is it a born trait? Tune in to hear from Claire Coder about fostering grit in today’s society.

True grit

Episode 41: Get Good With It  

A flame can always be relit if you find the right match. Find out how to regain control over your love life by putting the spunk back in your relationship. There are many other ways to spunk your sexual health outside of the bedroom. Tune in to learn about how new activities can re-welcome the old butterflies.

Designing withe Celeste Malvar Stewart 

Wake up! It is time to stop sleepwalking through life and design your future. Regardless of what kind of style you are into, find a way to craft your life around your future goals and run with it. Tune in to learn from Celeste Malvar Stewart about how her career in design helped her create a life for herself full of color.

Episode 40: Siblings Part 2  

What is the most shameless thing you’ve ever done with your sibling? Great. Do it again, do it now and do it over. Your sibling knows you best and, although you may have chosen different life paths, they most certainly do not have to run parallel. Learn how to get that sibling bond back into your later years by tuning in. 

Composing with RJD2

Orchestrate your life with the main act as your passion. Your passion is only as strong as your drive to fulfill it. However, procrastination, lack of motivation and little enthusiasm are barriers impeding on our ability to pursue our passions. Tune in to learn from songwriter/producer RJD2 about how he regained control of his life, found his beat and composed it.  

 Episode 39: Siblings Part 1

While our adult lives may feel like more of a gamble than ever before, we must treat our childhood like Vegas—what happens there, stays there. Your siblings may be the only ones who know of your past, but that does not mean your relationship with them should stay outdated. Learn how to view such an integral part of your life since birth as the adult they are today.

Siblings with Kelly & Rhiannon Mehring

Last week you tuned in to learn the power of dynamic duos. And when blood runs thicker than water, success is a continuous flow. This week, sisters Kelly and Rhiannon Mehring, business partners in their yoga studio Mat Happy show us how to release grudges to work towards a common goal together.  

 Episode 38: Gratitude    

Think of something you’re grateful for: it may be your friends, your family or this Youtune. Okay, now tell whatever/whoever you feel this way. Expressing gratitude can be key to finding joy in our every day. Tune in to learn more about how we can welcome new joy into our lives simply by saying thanks. 

 Episode 38: Siblings with Ram & Shyam Rajadhyaksha

They tease you and teach you, love you and loathe you; they are your best friend and your enemy. Your parents may have raised you, but it is your brothers and sisters who really shape you. Break the ‘sibling rivalry’ myth by tuning in to hear how Ram and Shyam Rajadhyaksha, successful business partners and siblings created a bond as strong as their business.   

One Year Anniversary Special: Gratitude 

This week is a special one as we are celebrating our one year anniversary with a focus on gratitude. As your host, I, Ria Greiff, am grateful for all of the incredible listeners who have tuned in with us every week to build their brand. A group just as important to be thankful for are the incredible guests we have had the privilege of hosting and, to celebrate, please join me in enjoying clips from some of our favorites throughout the course of our inaugural year.