AP Fact-Checks Trump's Cincinnati Statements On Health Care

Jun 8, 2017

President Trump speaks about healthcare at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati,
Credit associated press

President Trump is promoting the Republican health-care bill called the American Health Care Act, which is  facing uncertain prospects in Congress.

But an Associated Press Fact Check finds he's mangling his numbers. In Cincinnati Wednesday, he spoke about Anthem's decision to leave the insurance exchange in Ohio. He said that could mean 20 thousand more counties will have no plans available in the marketplace. But Ohio only has 88 counties. According to a White House information sheet, 20 counties could be in that predicament, not 20 thousand. Trump also cited the case of an Ohio couple who wanted to keep the woman's doctor under the Affordable Care Act. He said she would have had to pay an extra 50 thousand dollars for childbirth for that to happen.

The White House says it would have cost her an additional 5 thousand, not 50 thousand.