Ballot Board Approves Language For Marsy's Law, Drug Price Relief Act

Aug 18, 2017

Dale Butland (L) and Curt Steiner
Credit Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio Ballot Board has approved language for two statewide issues going on the November ballot. Issue 1 is dubbed Marsy's Law.

It would give crime victims and their families the same rights as the accused. Issue 2 seeks to bar state agencies from buying drugs at prices higher than those paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

Opponents of the so-called Drug Price Relief Act, which forces the state to pay for drugs at a discount, argue that taxpayers would be on the hook for large legal bills.


That includes paying the court fees for the California-based sponsors of the initiative.


But Dennis Willard, spokesperson in support of the issue, says that scenario is bogus.


Willard: “Let me say this clearly, that is a lie. An L-I-E, lie. Remember it’s the drug companies that will be suing and they’re the ones who will be bringing the Ohio attorney general and our side into court.”


Opponents, who’re funded by big drug companies, say the proposal won’t work and it artificially raises drug prices for Ohioans not on public assistance.