DeWine Appoints Husted To Head New State Agency

Jan 9, 2019

Jon Husted (L) and Mike DeWine
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Governor-elect Mike DeWine has tapped Lieutenant Governor-Elect Jon Husted to carry out several responsibilities after he takes office.  

Those include leading the effort to utilize new technologies in state government. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

Lieutenant Governor-elect Jon Husted will be the director of InnovateOhio, created in law just last month. He says this new office will help streamline the process between Ohioans and state government services.

Husted: “We want to take every touch that we have with the people of the state of Ohio and improve that interaction that will create better customer service, it will create better outcomes in the work that we do in state government it will also save tax dollars.”


Husted said he’d go into further details later about exactly what InnovateOhio will be doing.


Husted will also lead the governor’s workforce transformation office and the initiative to reduce business regulations.