Dick and Jane Song of the Week: Rampage

Jun 2, 2014

You don't know me and I don't know you 
You look at me and I'm looking through you 
But as you can see there is nothing you can do 
Because I am me and you are who? 

I'm trying to make it to the top 
So stop trying to make me feel bad 
for the things you couldn't do 
I'm trying to make this flow 
So when the time comes I can make the dough 

hasn’t there, hasn’t there, 
been a time, been a time 
when you just can’t take it any more? 
a time when you go on a rampage 
you see nothing, nothing but people 
people trying to hold you back 
I’m gonna be who I wanna be, 
I’m gonna be who I wanna be 
I'm not gonna be the bad one no more 

They always say the sky was the limit 
But me I'm different I'm reaching for the summit 
Me I'm only 12 but what does that mean 
Does it make it seem that I can't live my dream? 
There may be people better than me but I don't care 
doing something like this at my age is rare 
I look up to people that inspire me 

Like Drake and Wheezy 'cause they make it look easy