Gibbons, Trump Linked By Odd Coincidence

Apr 21, 2018

Mike Gibbons (L) and Jim Renacci

Ohio Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike Gibbons and President Trump are linked by an odd coincidence. 

In 1989, Gibbons' then-business partner, Kevin Brown, died in a power boat accident at Atlantic City hosted by the Trump Castle Hotel & Casino, which the president owned at the time. Trump outbid Key West, Florida, by $10,000 for the opportunity to host. Uncooperative weather marred many of that year's race events. Brown's race was almost canceled. Gibbons, a Cleveland investment banker, says he's never thought to mention the coincidence while campaigning. He's running for the hotly contested seat held by Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown. He and Republican rival, Congressman Jim Renacci, jockey regularly over who's most closely aligned with Trump.