Local Governments Complain About Cuts In State Budget Plan

Jun 16, 2017

Kent Scarett of the Ohio Municipal League
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Local government leaders say their communities are losing money in the latest two-year state budget proposal, which could create a domino effect statewide.

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow explains.

Local governments are likely to see a loss of $150 million in funding from just the local government fund distribution and projects. The Ohio Municipal League's Kent Scarrett says there are a lot of seemingly small changes in the Senate budget bill that could result in big cuts.


Scarrett: “These are all sort of a storm of great uncertainty for our communities and the most challenging part of uncertainty is our financial stability. It puts the pressure on our taxpayers to make up for those differences or suffer the consequences of decreased services.”


Republican Senate President Larry Obhof acknowledged their budget was tight and that many groups were going to see substantial cuts.