Thirteen Finalists Selected For City Council Seat

Dec 28, 2017

Columbus City Hall

Columbus City Council has narrowed to 13 the list of applicants to fill the seat being vacated by council president Zach Klein, the incoming city attorney. 

The candidates include Jasmine Ayres, who unsuccessfully ran for council as part of the Yes We Can coalition in November, Northland Community Council president Emmanuel Remy, and former council aide James Ragland.  Interviews ware scheduled next week, and a decision is expected to be announced January 8th.  The other finalists are: Southwest Area commission member Stephanie Coe, Methodist minister Nancy Day-Achauer, former deputy registrar Mike Rankin, MetroHealth Systems lobbyist Michael Dalton, AT&T external affairs director Christopher Wyche, city security manager Glenn Mueller, attorney Rob Dorans, Accenture consultant Gregory Lee, Progressive Insurance litigation specialist Tiffany White, and fast food franchise owner Joshua Zimmerman.