Yost: Many Ohio Cities, Counties In Financial Distress

Dec 13, 2017

David Yost
Credit Ohio Public Radio

State Auditor David Yost says the fiscal health of Ohio's counties and cities this year is slightly worse than it was a year ago.

Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles explains.

Yost says nine cities and one county are showing signs of financial stress for the 2016 fiscal year and that’s not all. He says nearly two thirds of Ohio’s county governments show an increase in the number of indicators that could contribute to greater financial distress in the future. The information is part of his website that allows anyone to search the finances of the city or county where they live.


“This tool is designed to help taxpayers and the people running the cities to have a better sense of what the future holds for them under their current status.”


Yost says three counties are showing early signs they’re headed for trouble in the next few years, and Lawrence County in Southeast Ohio just only one indicator away from an elevated state of fiscal stress.