The Island

Aug 14, 2018

A small satire with dark comedic moments that do much to underscore humanity's inhumanity and yet its will to survive another day.

Crazy Rich Asians

Aug 14, 2018

Rich in character and  cinematography, Crazy Rich Asians is an enjoyable new kind of global rom-com.

It's Movie Time Aug 10, '18 The Meg

Aug 10, 2018

John and Linda go deep sea diving for a 75 foot shark and find scary summer fun.


Aug 9, 2018

Spike Lee is a master at fusing an entertaining film with racial realism.

The Meg

Aug 9, 2018

Sharks with popcorn--it's cheesy but plenty of summer fun.

The Forest of Lost Souls

Aug 7, 2018

Even if you don't care for horror films, you might like this one. It's spare and non scary in an unusual way.

John and Johnny discuss current films and some oldies about getting back to family.

Eighth Grade

Aug 4, 2018

A brilliant story about the challenges of being an early teen.

It's Movie Time Aug 3, '18 Christopher Robin

Aug 3, 2018

John and Hope have mixed feelings about this Christopher Robin fiction..

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Aug 3, 2018

Look and enjoy. It's summer's best adventure.

Christopher Robin

Aug 3, 2018

At times this Disney live-action, animated comedy/melodrama is actually good.

Inspired by Skyscraper, the boys search for meaning in Dwayne Johnson's work.


Jul 30, 2018

A moving experience on many levels.

It's Movie Time July 27, '18 Leave No Trace with Wayne Miller

Jul 24, 2018

John/Wayne go survivalist with one of the best movies of the year.

Cinema Classics July 26, '18 Heists

Jul 24, 2018

The boys, inspired by American Animals, recount their fav movie heists.

A Cinema Classic: Heists

with co-hosts John DeSando and Johnny DiLoretto

Award-winning Cinema Classics discusses great movies then and now. From films, genres, directors, and actors to everything else in between, the hosts don't always agree, but they are always fun and informative.

Cinema Classics is regularly broadcast at 8:01 pm Thursday on WCBE 90.5 FM and streaming at Stay connected on Facebook.

The Equalizer 2

Jul 22, 2018

A different kind of action hero made even better because Denzel plays him.

The King

Jul 21, 2018

A regal documentary that compares America with Elvis, and it's not always uplifting.

It's Movie Time July 20, '18 Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Jul 20, 2018

John and Linda have summer fun with Mamma Mia! 2.

Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

Jul 20, 2018

She's every bit as formidable as Eastwood in his spaghetti mode.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Jul 18, 2018

It's fluff and pleasing fluff at that.

John and Johnny pit Hereditary against Rosemary's Baby.

Three Identical Strangers

Jul 16, 2018

One of the best documentaries and thrillers of the year.

Sorry To Bother You

Jul 14, 2018

Enjoyable sci-fi satire in a slightly absurdist world.

Leave No Trace

Jul 13, 2018

Best movie of the summer and maybe the year.


Jul 12, 2018

A minimalist comedy with a strong cast and weak script.

It's Movie Time July 13, '18 Whitney

Jul 12, 2018

John and Mary have mixed feelings about  the documentary, Whitney.


Jul 11, 2018

Not quite stupid because even I get caught up in the stylized summer mayhem.

Cinema Classics July 12, '18: A24

Jul 10, 2018

The boys marvel at the output of entertainment producer A24.

The First Purge

Jul 9, 2018

Beware no punishment for crime; the natives will respond badly.

It's Movie Time July 6, '18 Ant-Man and the Wasp

Jul 6, 2018

John/Wayne approve this minimalism.