Ohio Democratic Party Chair Chris Redfern

Sarah Ingles

There weren’t any surprises in the statewide races. But there were some shockers in the Statehouse races – including a major upset. 

State Party Chairs Square Off - Separately - Over Upcoming Election

Oct 16, 2014

With the election a little over two weeks away, the two major political parties are working to get out their messages and their voters.

Democrats continue to blast Republican Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine for the way he handled a sexual harassment case in his office.

"Silly Season" Begins As Political Parties Trade Barbs

Jun 12, 2014

Pundits often call the period before elections the “silly season”, as campaigns throw accusations back and forth like volleyballs.

Party Leaders Ready For Election Battles

Jan 31, 2014

The leaders of Ohio's two major political parties told reporters yesterday they are preparing for a fight this fall.