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Democratic U.S. Senator Says House Republicans Opposed Bill That Would Support Ohio Intel site

Intel Site
Intel Corporation
An aerial photo provided by Intel shows where the computer chip company will built two manufacturing facilities, or fabs, in Licking County land annexed to New Albany. Intel says the $20 billion project spans nearly 1,000 acres and is the largest single private-sector investment in Ohio history.

Federal funding that Ohio leaders have said is critical to the expansion of the Intel project from a $20 billion facility to the world’s largest semiconductor factory could pass soon. But Ohio’s Democratic US Senator says it likely won’t be a bipartisan measure.

$52 billion in federal funding for computer chip manufacturing has been folded into a huge bill to help the US compete with China. Republican Rob Portman and Democrat Sherrod Brown both supported that funding in the Senate, but Brown says House Republicans are announcing they’re opposing this bill.

“I’m not really sure why except I think they don’t want Joe Biden to have a victory but this is a victory for our country. It means that Intel will likely grow, as they say bigger and quicker in Ohio.”

Republicans have proposed stripping $8 billion in climate change funding that’s in that bill, which is expected to pass the House on a mostly party line vote. But differences would have to be worked out with the Senate before the bill could be signed by President Biden.