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How understaffed are stores? Smaller retailers feel the holiday-shopping strain

Holiday shopping season is always high-stakes for Saxon Shoes in Virginia — a time when people shop for several pairs at once and splurge on pricy winter boots. This year came with extra worries: Would shoppers return after a pandemic freeze? Would Saxon's shoes get snared in the supply chain mess ? And then, the question that turned out to be key: Would there be enough workers? "We probably had six or seven out of every ten interviews not show up — make an appointment and then not show up...

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If you see "Innocence," you may never have to see another love story...

Writer, director Paul Cox's "Innocence" may be about senior-citizen love, but it really is about how we must be ready when love arrives or when it returns, no matter at what age. As a cautionary tale and a lyric expression of love's power, few current movies can match this film's quiet honesty.

"The Mothman Prophecies" is an X-Files-like trip into the paranormal, disorienting and interesting...

So you're looking for a classy heroic alternate to Julia Roberts' ragged Erin Brockovich? May I submit Cate Blanchett as Charlotte Gray....

So you're looking for a classy heroic alternate to Julia Roberts' ragged Erin Brockovich? May I submit Cate Blanchett as Charlotte Gray, a volunteer for British Special Operations in WWII looking for her missing RAF pilot lover in occupied France. This story has more holes than the crumbling walls of a chateau, but it is just as beautiful and inscrutable.

A trashy potboiler delight...

"Brotherhood of the Wolf" is a French Gothic Romantic thriller in the tradition of Victor Hugo, James Fenimore Cooper, and Jules Verne all rolled in together.

In this popular French potboiler, the Noble Savage returns in all his saintly glory. And although noble savages may be politically incorrect in the U.S. these days, what care the French for our forbiddens?

The audience will be terminally blinded by the worst case of sugar overdose since "The Majestic"...

A salute to Czech WWII fighter pilot heroes...

They do make movies the way they used to, only it's the Czechs who are doing it.

First we had "Kolya," which won director Jan Sverak an Academy Award in 1996; then we have Jan Hrebejk's "Divided We Fall," and now we have Sverak's newest film, "Dark Blue World."

The United States Army should use "Black Hawk Down" as a training film...

The United States Army should use "Black Hawk Down" as a training film. After 20 minutes’ viewing, a recruit would have a very good idea that being caught in a warlord-controlled Somalia town is indeed a life-threatening, bloody business.

You can't be on both teams at once...

I can hear reasonably well, and I love all things British, but Robert Altman's "Gosford Park" has tested the limits of my theatrical patience once again: his brilliant ability to film as if we were overhearing conversation at a party (remember "McCabe and Mrs. Miller" or "Nashville") leaves me wanting to be a listener who actually has heard all the conversation.

The plot holes are as many as dot our own moon...

Earth in 2079 is less secure than in 2002. Our hero, Gary Sinise, is a weapons inventor mistaken for a bomb-carrying alien. Let the chase begin. Most of this lost-opportunity sci/fi is based on a story by Philip K. Dick, better known for his plots of "Total Recall" and the seminal "Blade Runner."

Newfoundland just won’t give us its news gracefully...


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What to know about omicron, the new COVID variant

Updated November 27, 2021 at 9:19 AM ET The U.S. is putting travel restrictions in place in response to a new variant of the coronavirus circulating in southern Africa. The restrictions , which are set to take effect on Monday, are being implemented out of an abundance of caution, said a senior Biden administration official. The World Health Organization announced Friday that it deems this strain, B.1.1.529, a variant of concern , and has named it omicron. It's the first new variant of...

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Arts & Life

Stephen Sondheim, the Broadway legend, has died at 91

Updated November 26, 2021 at 6:18 PM ET Stephen Sondheim , the Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning Broadway songwriter has died at age 91. His death occurred early this morning, according to Aaron Meier at DKC O&M, the producers of Company on Broadway. Sondheim would have been the first to tell you he was a Broadway baby. As a teenager, he learned about theatrical songwriting from a master – Oscar Hammerstein, the author of Showboat and Oklahoma! , among others – and, by the time Sondheim...

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Meetings Stink: How to Make Meetings Matter (and Collaboration, Too)

There's one simple truth most working adults realize in their first job: meetings stink. Darren Chait is no exception. While he was an attorney, he recoiled at how inefficient and archaic lawyers' meetings are...then he had sticker shock when he saw the invoices and realized clients pay for that slow-paced inefficiency! That put him on the path to finding a better way for meeting. The result: Hugo, an online app that changes the way we think about meetings.

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Enter today for a chance to see We Banjo 3!

Enter to win one pair of tickets to see We Banjo 3 live at the Kent Stage on December 5th!

David Sedaris returns to the Palace Theatre in Columbus on December 2, 2021 for an evening of all new stories, audience Q & A, and book signing. Use code NPR to get tickets before they go on sale!

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WCBE Presents Elisa Nicolas Live From Studio A Wed. Nov. 24, 2021 @ 2PM!

Elisa Nicolas will perform Live From Studio A in advance of her album release show on Saturday, November 27th at Natalie's Grandview ! Joining her in the studio at WCBE will be Cathy Wicks, Jen Miller, Jeff Ciampa, Josh Hill and Tony McClung! Please join us for conversation and live music featuring new songs from her amazing release Year Of The Locust ! It's all waiting for you on 90.5FM Columbus, 106.3FM Newark and on line at! LISTEN HERE !

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