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Please Touch The Art Episode 1 - Jacs Fishburne: Weaving Pain


Please Touch The Art host Kieve Rodeheaver interviews Jacs Fishburne about their work in progress: Neural, a fiber piecefor their master’s thesis and two woven photographs. Starting with Neural the pair discusses grief, chronic illness, pain, the desire to connect through touch, and the process of making. With the photographs they talk about interacting with their art in space, sexuality, and collaborating with the dance troupe Sea-Bus. Neural can be seen in the current Columbus College of Art and Design MFA thesis show, Replacing the Sun? through the next few weeks.

Links to pictures discussed in the episode:
Neural WIP: http://blog.jacsfishburne.com/#jp-carousel-40634
Photo 1: http://www.jacsfishburne.com/weavings/720aqw6b85js32rfwmirljtm95ip13
Photo 2: http://www.jacsfishburne.com/weavings/el1q3gwoaiu1ixzhkcldk462z8mete
Beltane: http://www.jacsfishburne.com/beltane

Links of artists discussed:
Music Fed up with Hunger by Saintsenenca