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The New Role Of Leadership In A Hybrid Workplace

We see lots of articles on the future of work, but few about the future of leadership. As work changes, leadership must also change to ensure organizations can meet their objectives. It is essential for leaders to "innovate how they lead" to keep pace, but what does that mean? Greg Moran joins the show to explore the changes leaders need to make in how they think about and perform the essential work of leadership.

Greg Moran is a C-level digital, strategy and change leadership executive with extensive global operations experience. He led corporate strategy for Ford, and designed the plan that Alan Mullaly used to turn around the company. Greg held C-level IT positions in app dev, infrastructure and core banking applications at Ford, Nationwide Insurance, and Bank One/JPMC. He began his career in consulting with Arthur Andersen Accenture, working across industries with 100 companies over the course of a decade. He is passionate about leadership and culture and teaches part time on the topic at Ohio University.  

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