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CMC Forum: Building Inclusive Communities


Join CMC in partnership with the Building Inclusive Communities for a critical and timely conversation about inclusive communities and new ideas on how to achieve them. Featuring Richard Kahlenberg, Director of K-12 Equity and Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation; Lori Ann Feibel, President, Bexley City Council; and Calvin Cooper, CEO and Co-founder, Rhove, with host Kim M. Campbell, Ph.D., Director, Enrollment Management, Mount Carmel School of Nursing.


Panelist Richard Kahlenberg has been called “the intellectual father of the economic integration movement.” His more recent work has centered on how exclusionary zoning laws have made communities and schools more economically segregated and how increasing inclusive housing can make our communities better. Kahlenberg’s writing on this topic has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, and the American Prospect, including an article about the success of Central Ohio housing mobility program Move to PROSPER.