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Using Data to Drive Hiring, Training, & Onboarding Decisions, Part 1

The churn rate of sales people leaving their jobs is over 50% in many organizations.  Can a sales leader improve those odds?  Yes – by using data science to drive decisions in hiring, training, coaching, and onboarding members of your sales or development team.  Marcela Piñeros of Stripe and Joe DiDonato of Baker Communications share their real world examples of how data helps pinpoint areas of sales skills that need to be addressed at a more granular level – and how that shift in thinking can help you raise your sales team’s revenue contributions in a drastically shorter period of time.


Marcela Piñeros has dedicated her enablement career to helping people become intentionally excellent at their job. With over 20 years of experience, Marcela has led teams across academia, non-profit, public sector, start-up, and enterprise. She has been fortunate to drive award-winning strategic programs for clients such as Citigroup, Nissan, EMC2, Perry Ellis, Steve Madden, Microsoft, NASA, US Department of Energy, Red Hat, Oracle, and CA Technologies. Having established sales enablement functions from the ground up in high-growth environments such as New Relic, she is thrilled to currently lead the global sales enablement organization at Stripe. Marcela’s passions include learning more every day and building teams of extraordinary humans who are out to change the world.


Joe DiDonato is the Chief of Staff for Baker Communications, a leader in Sales Training and Transformation, and writes for the Forbes Business Development Council.  He’s received the Lifetime Achievement Award in education by Elearning! magazine’s panel of judges; served on for-profit and non-profit boards as Chairman or Board Member; ran Oracle’s and PeopleSoft’s worldwide education programs; and has helped to successfully launch 21 EdTech companies at Knowledge Universe.  His roles have ranged from VP and C-level positions to Board level positions, and he’s considered a thought leader in the world of sales and corporate education.