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Meetings Stink: How to Make Meetings Matter (and Collaboration, Too)

There's one simple truth most working adults realize in their first job:  meetings stink.  Darren Chait is no exception.  While he was an attorney, he recoiled at how inefficient and archaic lawyers' meetings are...then he had sticker shock when he saw the invoices and realized clients pay for that slow-paced inefficiency!  That put him on the path to finding a better way for meeting.  The result:  Hugo, an online app that changes the way we think about meetings.


On the way, Darren learned that leadership in a fast-growth startup is very different than what the textbooks say. He joins Maureen to share what he's learned on the journey about leadership, how collaboration is changing, modern team dynamics, shared consciousness, direction versus support, and when to make leader problems team problems.


Darren Chait is the co-founder and COO of Hugo.  Starting his career as a corporate lawyer in sunny Sydney, Australia, he made the move to San Francisco to start Hugo with a longtime friend, following years of shared frustrations with unproductive meetings. Darren also writes for QuartzThe Next WebThrive Global and numerous blogs.  He has appeared on well-known podcasts, and speaks at conferences around the world.