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New Newark Signal Announced - 106.3 FM!

We're back in Newark!  After years of searching, researching, and wrangling, WCBE is on the air in the Newark/Granville area once again.  Our return required a frequency move:  we're now broadcasting there at 106.3 FM.

The geography of the area blocks our main frequency of 90.5 FM.  When we had to power down several years ago due to interference with a new rock station in Columbus, listeners in that "blacked-out" region could no longer tune in to our dulcet tones and tunes.  We're persistent broadcast buggers, though, and we've kept working at the issue ever since.

Was it worth it?  Let us know!  If you listen to central Ohio's NPR station at 106.3 FM in Newark/Granville, drop us a line at .  Thanks for your support...and your patience!