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Behind the Mic - Greg Moebius: The Voice that Gets You Through the Night

I knew good things were going to happen, and it all began to unfold on that fateful day: March 21, 2013.

After a lengthy career in broadcasting, I found myself without a steady radio gig and with plenty of time on my hands. A few of my acquaintances got it into my head that perhaps I should volunteer at my favorite radio station, 90.5 WCBE. As long as I've lived and worked in Columbus, WCBE was (and continues to be) my go-to station for news and eclectic music (even when I was employed by and hosting shows on other Central Ohio radio stations.  Oops.)  I had much to offer as a seasoned broadcast professional, and I was confident the WCBE staff would welcome an additional warm body to assist with the workload.

As time progressed and I gained the staff's trust, I was given more and more responsibilities including hosting Jazz Sunday (thank you, Wayne Self), Global Village and Ante Meridiem (thanks, Maggie and Mike), engineering Studio A sessions, producing promotional announcements and representing the station in the community.

After 3 1/2 years of performing as WCBE's "Uber Volunteer," a staff position became available and I pursued it with a laser-like focus. Following a lengthy application process, it was a glorious day indeed when Dan Mushalko offered me the position of Traffic Director/Evening Announcer at WCBE.

As I tell anyone who will listen...it took almost four decades, but I finally found my radio home: 90.5 WCBE, Central Ohio's Original NPR Station!

On the other hand, my very first day, all that seemed to unravel as things started going wrong in Master Control. Remember last week’s article about Master Control catching on fire while Alison delivered the news? Well, here’s what that same room did to me… (Editor’s Note: Find out about Greg’s Big Adventure in next week’s newsletter!)

Greg Moebius is lifelong Ohio resident and received his broadcast education at Ohio University. He's been up and down the radio dial with on-air stints in Zanesville, Athens, Nelsonville, Newark and, for the past 30 years, Columbus. His love of radio and music is apparent. Greg, currently a Westerville resident, spends his down time on Central Ohio's bike trails, festival-hopping and playing guitar with an amusing band of misfits known as The Highpoint Brothers.