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Sassy Serves a Second Purpose! A WCBE Staff Vehicle Donation Story

Maggie says "so long" to Sassy.

Hi loyal listeners!

This is Maggie Brennan, the Music Director here at WCBE and I’d like to share a story with you.

In 1999, I saved up and purchased my first brand new vehicle all on my own.

I named the car Sassy.

Over the years Sassy and I went on road trips, vacations, festivals, took kitties to and from their vet appointments, reviewed a countless number of CDs and, with the sunroof down, I sang at the top of my lungs to countless songs. Family members packed in the car to go to dinner, ball games, reunions, babysitting gigs, etc. Sassy was such a good and safe pal for nearly twenty years, but now it’s time for her to serve a second, higher purpose. I’ve decided to donate Sassy to WCBE.

Last week, the tow truck arrived and picked up my ol’ car companion. This vehicle will now be turned into more of the great global and local music you hear every day on 90.5. Next time you burst into song while listening to ‘CBE be sure to think of Sassy!

And if you have a vehicle that’s beginning to serve as more of a driveway decoration, consider donating it to WCBE! You can find out more information here. Thanks!


Maggie Brennan has been with WCBE since she began as an intern in 1993. She’s passionate about sharing music from all over the world with our listeners and takes pride in showcasing a wide range of artists from here in central Ohio on her weekday music program.