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Joseph Chornyak, Sr.
Chornyak & Associates

Entrepreneurs are part of what makes America great. Many citizens over 50, rather than retiring early, have started their own businesses and are enjoying personal and monetary rewards. In this month's feature article we present a story by Commonwealth Financial Network that gives you some food for thought on the possibilities of entering the world of entrepreneurship. 
China has been an economic dynamo for years, but recent reports indicate that the nation's output is slowing. A fascinating article from Kiplinger online describes the situation and points to some conclusions for the global economy, including our own.

I came across an interesting piece on the web site depositaccounts.com that gives some good tips for avoiding those annoying bank fees that seem to chip away at our finances. I encourage you to take advantage of online banking because, in addition to being convenient, the service often leads to fee waivers. Check it out.

Our nation's chronic unemployment is causing vast hardships to millions, and doesn't seem to be improving. The number of days the average person remains unemployed is now almost double the same figure for the 1981-83 recession. Slashing benefits could hurt the economy by further hampering purchasing power. Our second article from Kiplinger indicates that we may be headed for a "new normal."

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