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November means different weather to different places, so it's presumptuous to assume that everyone is looking forward to an evening spent bundled up in front of the fireplace with a pile of fleece blankets and a cup of hot cocoa. But if you want to simulate the spirit of a cozy November night, you could do far worse than "Winter," the tenderly rendered new single from Irish singer-songwriter Rosie Carney.

This is not your regular music video – it's a six-minute, miniature epic inspired by "Pleader," the closing cut on alt-J's album Relaxer.

His Latest release, "Magnificent Ram A" is now out, and available for purchase here.

He won't be playing in town anywhere except for his performance in studio A, so this session will be your only chance to hear him.

Hear what Don Dilego has been up to since finishing up "Magnificent Ram A".

That's on 90.5 FM and HD WCBE Columbus, 106.3 FM Newark, online at and on Apple Music.

Paul Kelly On Mountain Stage

Nov 14, 2017

One of the most prominent and beloved singer-songwriters in Australia, Paul Kelly made his first appearance on Mountain Stage in 1992. For this, his sixth appearance on the show, Kelly brought a seven-piece band to perform songs from his latest release, Life Is Fine.

Considering all the unique monikers MCs have concocted throughout the history of rap, Aminé — Adam Daniel's middle name by birth — isn't all that strange. But that hasn't kept him from becoming the hip-hop artist with the hardest-to-pronounce name of the moment. He's been called everything from anime (as in Japanese animation) to amino (as in the acid).

Overcoats is a collaboration between Hana Elion, and JJ Mitchell.

This New York based act will be in Columbus to perform at the Rumba Café the evening of 14th.

Also playing at this show will be Gordi, based in Australia.

The debut Overcoats release, "Young", is available for purchase here.

Ruth Laredo On Piano Jazz

Nov 13, 2017

One of the premier classical pianists of her generation, Ruth Laredo (1937–2005) was known as America's First Lady of the Piano. In partnership with Marian McPartland and Dick Hyman, Laredo produced wildly popular Three Piano Crossover Concerts, exploring the boundaries between classical music and jazz.

His Electro Blue Voice is as meditative as it is menacing, the Italian noise-rock band's collection of high-strung scrapes and howls driven by motorik percussion. Mental Hoop, its second record following Ruthless Sperm and a series of EPs, draws back on the pleasantries and dives headfirst into the nastier end of the band's sound.

For decades now, country's aesthetic and ideological sensibilities have been shaped as much by the music's modern, middle-class suburban appeal as its rural working-class roots, which can make for quite the rhetorical push-and-pull (likely one of many factors that contributed to the Dixie Chicks' famed expulsion from the format over voicing distaste for the second President Bush during a U.K. concert). Working-class political speech hasn't always been recognized as political at all; it's just as likely to be dismissed as class resentment.

William Patrick Corgan would be the first to admit that many people's image of him was locked down back in 1995 as Billy Corgan: frontman of The Smashing Pumpkins. The Pumpkins had just released Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, the album with the song "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" -– you know, the one where despite all his rage, he's still just a rat in a cage?

Since she was 16 years old, Puerto Rico's Ileana Cabra has been trading slick bars in musical sparring matches with her brothers, René Pérez Joglar and Eduardo Cabra Martinez, better known as the Grammy-winning hip-hop duo Calle 13.

For Laura Burhenn, 2016 was a tough year and she wasn't alone. We lost David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Prince (and so many more beloved artists).

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Review: Charlotte Gainsbourg, 'Rest'

Nov 13, 2017

Note: NPR's First Listen audio comes down after the album is released. However, you can still listen with the Spotify or Apple Music playlist at the bottom of the page.

The 18th Annual Latin Grammy Awards are set to air live from Las Vegas on Thursday, Nov. 16. Alt.Latino's Felix Contreras visits the show to give his predictions — and some possible predicaments — ahead of this year's ceremony.

Ted Leo
Mindy Tucker

WCBE is looking forward to hosting Ted Leo Live From Studio A!

Yoke Lore
Wes Santos & Alex Gomez

Yoke Lore will perform Live From Studio A during the Global Village

Tune in for live music and conversation!

It's all waiting for you on 90.5FM Columbus, 106.3FM Newark and on line at


You can find out more about "17 Hero", the new Morgan Saint release, through this link.

This performance is a radio only event. She will not be playing anywhere else in Central Ohio.

She will be stopping by Studio A Friday, between her upcoming Philadelphia and Chicago shows.

That's Morgan Saint, live on 90.5 FM and HD WCBE Columbus, 106.3 Fm Newark, online at and on Apple Music.

Chris Robinson & Neal Casal
Jay Blakesberg

Chris Robinson & Neal Casal will perform Live From Studio A during the Global Village in advance of the show that night with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood at The Newport presented by WCBE! 

The Accidentals will perform Live From Studio A in advance of their show that night at The Basement with Jake Allen

WCBE is looking forward to hosting Sinkane Live From Studio A during the Global Village in advance of the show that night at The Basement with Nick Tolford & Company

His new release is "Restless", and it's available through his website.

He also has a version of "Midsummer Night's Toast" appearing on  a new tribute release, "An American Troubador: The Songs Of Steve Forbert".

This singer/songwriter from the San Francisco Bay area is now on tour.

His Columbus stop will be a solo performance at the Rumba Cafe the evening of the 26th.

Humming House
Melissa Madison Fuller

East Nashville's Humming House will join us Live From Studio A during the Global Village! 

Their new project is "Dragonfly".

These two will return to WCBE to perform live before their show at Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza in Worthington the evening of the 20th.

Find out about this new project, and hear a few songs performed live.

That's Long Tall Deb and Colin John, on 90.5 FM and HD WCBE Columbus, 106.3 FM Newark, online at and on Apple Music.

Sarah Lee Guthrie will perform Live From Studio A during the Global Village

Tune in for a Live From Studio A session with Aquilo during the Global Village!  

They'll perform that night with Yoke Lore at the A&R Music Bar!

You'll hear their story, live music and you'll also have a chance to win tickets to the show!

Ted Horowitz AKA Popa Chubby will perform Live From Studio A during the Global Village

Her only Ohio stop on this tour will be at the Rumba Cafe the evening of the 6th.

Her release, "All I Ever See In You Is Me", is out now and is available through her website.

Born in San Francisco and based in Nashville, she started performing live at the age of 12.