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Brooklyn's Jukebox The Ghost will play a few songs live during the Global Village ahead of their show at The Newport with Motion City Soundtrack!  They're touring in support of their third CD Safe Travels on Yep Roc Records! 


The Infamous Stringdusters, the bluegrass band out of Charlottesville, VA., will perform live during the Global Village! 

Open Shelter Benefit Show with Duncan Sheik

Nov 14, 2012

Temperatures are dropping, and WCBE reminds you that hundreds of homeless men, women and children are without shelter.  


Just so you know, I cry myself to sleep from night to night. I fear the sunrise because I don’t want to face the world. I’m not what you think I am. I’m about to break. Now I let the night take me away.

No, don’t tell me that you just don’t care because you know that it will break me. Don’t tell me that you feel my pain when you never shed a tear. No, you don’t know what’s good for me. You’re not the thing I need. You’re never there for me.

Take me away. Now I’ll let the night take me away.

Matisyahu: Live from Studio A REPLAY

Nov 8, 2012

Matisyahu performed live from the WCBE's studios on November 7th, 2012! Check out his acoustic versions of "Crossroads", "Live Like A Warrior", and "Searching"! Enjoy!

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They've traveled to Columbus From Minneapolis to play tonight at Ace Of Cups .

If you can't make it out that night, or even if you can,  you can hear them playing live in studio a during the 11am hour earlier in the day.

Their cd, which came out a couple months ago is "Stay/Go".

That's on 90.5 fm and hd, WCBE Columbus

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Film director and screenwriter Jim Jarmusch makes music an integral part of his films: He often casts musicians in key roles and frequently incorporates music into his plots. Think about his film Down by Law, with saxophonist John Lurie and singer Tom Waits, or Stranger Than Paradise, in which "I Put a Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins is a key character.

Matisyahu Live From Studio A / Matisyahu

Matisyahu will stop by WCBE and play a few songs live during the Global Village!

Touring in support of his latest CD Spark Seeker, you'll have a chance to win a copy of the new release and a pair of tickets for the show that night at The NewportThe Constellations support.

Crooked Fingers Live From Studio A
Crooked Fingers Live From Studio A

Crooked Fingers will perform a live acoustic set ahead of the show at The Tree Bar that night with John Vanderslice


I was sitting in the window, trying to find the me lost inside, so sad I wanted to cry, felt a drop on the side of my cheek, wiped it away, came running down faster than rain. I didn’t know what to say, so I hid in my room for the rest of the day, and I cried in my pillow.

Sat on my bed, trying to forget all the things that you said. They came back every time that I shut my eyes. I couldn’t fall asleep because my dreams took over the world.

The Best Of Moogfest 2012

Nov 2, 2012

Top 10 Halloween Songs

Oct 31, 2012
Ciara Kinzig

I was given the daunting task to come up with a festive Halloween playlist. What to choose, what to choose!?

When I think festive, I think of songs that either epitomize the night of Halloween or go over board to completely do their own thing. It's Halloween, and some songs should a little weird and creative.

This audio is no longer available.

Folk Alley celebrates Halloween with a special stream of spooky folk music — including ghost stories, murder ballads, gory tales, supernatural songs and myths of witches, goblins and vampires. Squeamish? Afraid of the dark? Beware. Keep your night light nearby, and prepare to be petrified.

Artists In This Mix

It's 4:30 in the morning in Washington, D.C., and dank pools of sweat are collecting on the dance floor beneath a dripping basement ceiling. I can see Sonny Moore's heart beating through his shirt. The 24-year-old DJ, whose producing alias, Skrillex, is a major keyword for the new wave of American dance music, just wrapped up an intimate surprise show at U Street Music Hall (my local gateway to electronic music and a place where I also DJ from time to time).

Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule will be backed up by The Lee Boys live during the Global Village! 

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Many musicians say that the second album is harder to write than the first, especially when a debut is successful: There's more pressure, higher stakes, fewer ways to surprise and less time to work. The Colombian band Bomba Estéreo faced down that imposing empty canvas when it entered the studio to record a followup to 2009's hit Blow Up.

Hailing from Detroit, the Mexican-American folk musician will play live for us during the Global Village! 

He's My Brother She's My Sister Live From Studio A

L.A.'s He's My Brother She's My Sister will play their mix of folk, glam and western swing during their live session on the Global Village.  They're touring in support of the new CD Nobody Dances In This Town.  Tune in for a chance to win tickets for the show that night at Woodland's Tavern!  Erica Blinn and Teen Fiction will open up!

Behind The Scenes With Cafe Tacvba

Oct 27, 2012

It's difficult to overstate Cafe Tacvba's impact on Latin music since the Mexican band first surfaced in the early '90s. So we were thrilled to get the band's own perspective, as members Enrique "Quique" Rangel Arroyo and Emmanuel "Meme" del Real Diaz join us on this week's show.

Every so often, people at an NPR station discover a song they can't get enough of. On those occasions, we ask them to share their obsession with the nation. Ben Famous is the music director at KCEP Power88 in Las Vegas. He spoke to Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep about a new cut from R&B heavyweight Avant. It's called "You and I," and it features Keke Wyatt. "The first time we played it," says Famous, "the phone lines lit up, and people were like, 'Who was that?' 'What was that?'"

The David Wax Museum Live From Studio A
The David Wax Museum Live From Studio A

Boston's The David Wax Museum will bring their blend of American roots, traditional Mexican folk and indie rock and play a few songs live during the Global Village!

The Two Man Gentlemen Band performed live from WCBE's Studio A on October 2nd, 2012. Check out the great performances of "Pork Chops", "I Can't Go On This Way", and "Please Don't Water It Down"! Enjoy! 

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The Kopecky Family Band: Live from Studio A REPLAY

Oct 25, 2012

The Kopecky Family Band performed live from WCBE's Studio A on October 20th, 2012! They performed the songs "Heartbeat", "Are You Listening", and "Change". We hope you enjoy the performance!

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Photo taken by Ciara Kinzig

Charlie Sheen claimed “tiger blood,” but the blood of rock/pop fusion artist Marco Benevento’s newest album Tiger Face claims a whole new phrase of experimentation.

Stephen Colbert loves music and loves to sing. That's why Fresh Air's Terry Gross asked him to bring a few songs that mean a lot to him and tell her why. For example, as a kid, Colbert discovered his first lesson about character acting through "King Herod's Song" from Jesus Christ Superstar, even though he thought the words were scandalous at first: "Oh, so you are the Christ? You're the great Jesus Christ. Prove to me that you're no fool. Walk across my swimming pool."

John Lennon loved word play; he wrote songs that have not only become standards, but also milestones, like "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "Strawberry Fields," which he wrote with the Beatles, and "Imagine" and "Give Peace a Chance," which he wrote on his own. For most of his life, he also composed letters to friends and family; then lovers, as he grew up; and strangers, as he grew famous. His notes, letters and postcards often contained small, funny drawings and self portraits.

In 1969, four moppy-haired musicians named John, Paul, George and Ringo walked single file on a London crosswalk and made one of the most iconic album covers of all time. Today, a steady stream of Beatles fans and London tourists are still eager to walk in the footsteps of the Fab Four on that famous stretch of asphalt.