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Prognosis Ohio: Health and City Design: A Conversation with Jason Reece

In this episode, host Dan Skinner (@danielrskinner) interviewed Dr. Jason Reece, who is currently Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning at the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University. In the interview, Dan and Jason discussed some of the amazing work Jason is involved with. Be sure to check out the website for Move to Prosper. Read more about Professor Reece and his recent scholarly projects here.

In our news round-up we discussed the following: 


  1. The nonprofit that former Ohio Governor John Kasich and West Virginia University President Gordon Gee made to push for any future opioid settlement dollars to be given to hospitals.


  1. The announcement that Ohio's Department of Medicaid has received the federal approval needed to start it’s lead abatement program, which you can read more about in this Vindicator article.


  1. We also discussed skyrocketing insulin prices and the fact that 1 in 4 Type 1 diabetics have had to ration their insulin due to cost. If you want to read more, please check out this NPR article and this USA Today article about a Dayton woman who died after rationing her insulin.We also talked about Rep. Beth Liston's announcement on making insulin affordability her key fall initiative. If you want to write to Rep. Liston you can email her at or call her office at (614) 644-6030. 

Hosted by Dan Skinner, Associate Professor of Health Policy at Ohio University, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dublin campus.


Produced by Dan Skinner, Kyle Rosenberger, and Mark Frantz


Editorial support and show notes by Jory Gomes


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