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Dick and Jane Song of the Week: Reach


Hello? Can you hear me out there? Alright. 
Let me be the first one to tell you, 
Be yourself, Don’t ever fall down, Speak up, Shout out 
for what you believe in 
let everybody know who you are 
and I promise you’ll go very far 

Getting ready for battle and 
He’s trying to hold his ground 
His heart is racing 
Numb with fear and doubt 

The reign of bullets begin 
as missiles streak the sky 
Everything’s about to change 
in the blink of an eye 

Oh, reach a little further 
and you will find 
that you can walk the distance 
discover bravery inside 
outrun the resistance, 
keep on persisting 
and it will be alright 
Oh, reach a little further 

They watch with pity 
as her pain takes its toll 
she takes a deep slow breath 
she’s longing to feel whole 

Despite uplifting words 
They can’t help anymore 
She’s fought for so long 
She feels like closing door 

Learn how to stand up, learn how to fight 
whether you’re wrong or right 
Think like a bird or a butterfly ready to take flight 

Finally, you need to learn 
stand up be strong be heard 
ready to fight 
ready to lead 

High and tall you’ve got to exceed 

Break the barriers, jump the hurdles, run the distance, 
take off when you hear that startin’ gun, don’t wait for resistance 

Be brave and don’t let nobody ever burst your fire 
Speak what’s on your mind then, learn how to take steps higher 

Everyday, Relentlessly 
They try to break him down (don’t let ‘em get ya) 
their laughter echoes 
as they push him down 

He’s trying to speak up, 
to break through the walls 
no matter how hard he tries 

no one can hear his calls (come on, come on)