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Obama announces trade sanction, slams GOP tax proposals

President Barack Obama used a rally in Cincinnati today to highlight U.S. trade action against China.  The enforcement case announced alleges China is illegally subsidizing its auto and auto-part export industries, and comes as Obama campaigns in a state in the heart of the U.S. auto industry.  Obama used the action as an example that he does more than talk about China trade issues, an allegation the Romney campaign has made in ads in Ohio.  the president also covered familiar campaign ground in discussing the economy and the use of tax cuts.  and he talked about what he *wouldn't* do:

Obama:  We're not going back to trickle down.  We're not going back to top-down, you're-on-your-own economics.  We're not going to tell folks 'you're on your own' , because we believe we're all in this together.

Obama accused the Republicans of continuing to push for tax cuts for the rich, at the expense of the middle class.

Obama: I don't think another round of tax cuts for millionaires will bring good jobs back to Ohio... or bring down the deficit.  I have never promised that the path we're on is going to be quick or easy.  it's going to take more than a few years to solve challenges that have built up over decades.

The president spoke in Cincinnati this morning and is scheduled to speak in Columbus at Schiller Park this afternoon.  Romney surrogate Florida Senator Marco Rubio is also scheduled in Columbus for a GOP rally today. 

A native of Chicago, naturalized citizen of Cincinnati and resident of Columbus, Alison attended Earlham College and the Ohio State University. She has equal passion for Midwest history, hockey and Slavic poetry.