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Ohio House Budget Amendment Would Ban Talk About 'Gateway' Sexual Activity


The Ohio House has put an amendment in the state budget that is already sparking controversy. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports on what’s being called the sexual gateway activity amendment.

The amendment bans some things that are sometimes taught in sex ed classes in public schools.  For example, masturbation and any touch that is sexually arousing.  The State of Tennessee passed a similar bill recently and it was known as the hand holding bill.  Opponents of this amendment say it is unnecessary and overly broad.  Kellie Copeland with NARAL Pro Choice Ohio says it sends Ohio back to 1950’s thinking.

Copeland – Just once again, this legislature is completely out of touch with Ohioans.

Jill Long, with the pregnancy support center in Stark County, says she doesn’t condone sex education for young people that focuses on things like contraceptives.

Long – But our hope is to help them protect themselves.

If this amendment becomes law, teachers who talk about gateway sexual activity could face a five thousand dollar fine.