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New Forms Of Vaccine Available For Flu Season

Flu Vaccines available this year include the quadrivalent vaccine, designed to fight four strains rather than the traditional three... 

 .. a high-dose formula for seniors, and a new egg-free vaccine for those with allergies. One goes into the skin rather than the muscle and uses a much smaller needle. Also available is FluMist, the live-virus vaccine that is inhaled. Cindy Modie of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health says the quadrivalent vaccine is available in limited supplies for the first time. 

CM:  It doesn't mean that everywhere you go to seek out a flu vaccine or a flu shot that they will have the quadrivalent.  But do not *not* get a vaccine because they do not have the quadrivalent.

Modie says the nasal spray and shot forms are also available in many stores, pharmacies, and doctors offices.

CM: it's not a 'wait-and-see' type of disease.  You want to  get your flu shot early.  You want to be fully protected, you want to make sure your children are fully protected, and everyone around you.

The Centers for Disease Control says two-thirds of adults age 65 and older, and nearly 57 percent of children, were vaccinated last year. The CDC's William Schaffner says, while more children are getting vaccinated, expectant mothers should also get flu protection.

WS:  It prevents a lot of illnesses completely.  And those that it doesn't prevent completely, it reduced the severity.  It helps avoid the complications of pneumonia, of hospitalization and frankly, dying.

Columbus health officials say the vaccines are recommended for nearly everyone over 6 months of age, particularly the elderly and people with chronic illnesses.





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