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City Council Approves Deal With Franklin Township, Rec Center Design Work

Franklin Township could receive 39 million dollars over 50 years from shared revenues from the Columbus casino. It's part of a deal between the township and Columbus that Columbus City Council approved last night. Franklin Township trustees approved the deal in September.The money is meant to compensate Franklin Township for the revenue it lost after the the casino site was annexed into Columbus. The agreement calls for the township and city to partner in a joint economic development district or JEDD around the areas of Georgesville Road and West Broad Street. Seventy percent of revenues from the JEDD would go to Franklin Township for economic development. The remaining 30 percent would be split between the city and township's general funds. The agreement calls for the township to provide fire and police services, road maintenance, record-keeping, staffing and meeting space for the JEDD. The city agrees not to annex land within the area for five years. The township would receive 911 thousand dollars a year. Council also approved a 636 thousand dollar contract with a private firm to conduct design work to improve the Glenwood Recreation Center near West Broad Street. Columbus Recreation and Parks Director Alan McKnight says the firm will recommend whether to renovate or replace the existing building.

McKnight says work on the building is expected to begin next summer.