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Attorney General Announces Ban On Drug-Related Chemical Compounds

The state says a new rule has gone into effect in Ohio that permanently bans two new chemicals abused as illegal synthetic drugs. The rule announced by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and State Pharmacy Board Director Kyle Parker attempts to outlaw the two chemicals and any variations of them. The rule taking effect Thursday classifies the chemical compounds PB-22 and 5F-PB-22 as controlled substances illegal under Ohio law. Authorities say the compounds appeared after a 2012 law went into effect banning all synthetic drugs that existed at the time. The chemicals are often sprayed on plant material to mimic the effect of marijuana. The drugs can have effects similar to, but longer-lasting, than amphetamines.  

DeWine is also working with a legislator to give his office emergency powers to temporarily ban new types of synthetic drugs as soon as they’re discovered.  In a press release he noted that the the current months-long administrative rule process to ban newly created synthetic drugs "takes far too long.”

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