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Kasich Set To Officially Launch His Presidential Campaign On July 21

Gov. John Kasich is ready to run for president – he’s scheduled his campaign kick off for a few weeks from now at his alma mater. 

Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.

Kasich was back on Sunday morning TV – this week on CBS’ Face the Nation – and was once again asked about when he might officially join the crowded Republican presidential field: “We’re getting awfully close to making a decision.”

And about eight hours later, reports started coming out that Kasich would launch his campaign on July 21 at Ohio State University. His campaign website confirms a “special announcement” that day. On Face the Nation, Kasich said he had run for governor to fix what he viewed were Ohio’s problems. “Now I can go out and tell my story and hopefully the polls will rise. We’ll see,” Kasich said.

And Kasich needs a boost to be among the top ten candidates who will make the first presidential debate is set for August 6 in Cleveland. Most polls have him around 13th place.