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Gun Control Group Not Behind Sittenfeld's Call For Home Rule

A gun-control group backed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg says it is not supporting a call by Democratic U.S. Senate candidate P.G. Sittenfeld asking voters to restore control over state gun laws to cities. A spokesperson for the group called Everytown for Gun Safety says news accounts of the campaign being launched by Sittenfeld and others were the first the group or Bloomberg had heard of it. One gun-rights group suggested Bloomberg's money was behind the effort. Sittenfeld proposes a constitutional amendment to reverse a 2006 law that pre-empts local gun laws, such as concealed-weapon restrictions or assault-weapon bans.  20 cities had some gun restriction in place that was nullified by the law. Sittenfeld says with the high degree of gun violence today, cities should have the authority to prohibit people from carrying guns into bars, schools, parks and other places. The state law blocks cities from doing so.

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