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Clinton Campaigns At Fort Hayes

WCBE Files

Hillary Clinton returned to Ohio for the first time as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee yesterday, with a speech at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Educational Center. As Alison Holm reports, Clinton took aim at her opponent's economic proposals and experience - in his own words. 

"Donald Trump says he's qualified to be president because of his business record.  He's written a lot of books about business.  they all seem to stop at Chapter 11...."

Clinton to,d the groups of 300 friends and supporters in the vocational schools automotive repair bay that - after a year of campaigning - it was time to start holding Donald Trump accountable for the ideas he's put forward.    And she says in a divisive campaign season, there has been some agreement.
"Liberals and conservatives say Trump's ideas would be disastrous.  The chamber of Commerce and labor unions...Mitt Romney and Elizabeth Warren.  Economists on the right and the left and the center all agree: Trump would throw us back into recession.  I have a plan to pay for all my proposals.  Donald Trump has a different approach.  He calls himself the King of Debt.  According to the independent Tax Policy Center, his tax plan would increase the national debt by more than $30-trillion over 20 years.  That's trillion, with a t."

Clinton says Trump's proposals would undo much of the progress the economy has made since the recession of the last decade.  She accused Trump of planning to roll back Wall Street reforms and restrictions on big banks enacted since the recession, and do away with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

"Trump would take us back to where we were before the crisis.  He's rug the economy for Wall Street again."

And Clinton says Trump's stance on immigration - one of the biggest applause lines in the candidates stump speeches - could be disastrous for the economy.

"Kicking out 11 million immigrants would cost hundreds of billions of dollars.  And it would shrink our economy significantly.  Some economists actually argue that just this policy alone would send us into a Trump recession.

The Trump campaign streamed a barrage of emails and tweets during Clinton's speech refuting her attack.  A new QQuinnipiac Poll shows Clinton and Trump deadlocked at 40% in Ohio.  Clinton had a bit of an edge however in the number of people who saw her as more likely to create jobs.  Clinton travels to now to North Carolina, where she promises to roll out details on new economic proposals.

A native of Chicago, naturalized citizen of Cincinnati and resident of Columbus, Alison attended Earlham College and the Ohio State University. She has equal passion for Midwest history, hockey and Slavic poetry.
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