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Dems Call For Emergency Legislative Session To Deal With Opioid Epidemic

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio legislative Democrats say the state's opioid crisis is so bad that all lawmakers should be called to the Statehouse to deal with it. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

Columbus Police report they’ve responded to 35 suspected heroin overdoses in a 24 hour period. In 27 of those cases, paramedics administered a drug that prevents some deadly overdoses. Democratic Representative Greta Johnson says the entire General Assembly should be called back into session now to come up with a strategic plan to help communities and money to fund it.

“When I’m going door to door, when I’m at town meetings, this is all people are talking about. It’s the number one issue on their minds. It’s the number one issue in our communities and they want answers”

The full legislature isn’t scheduled to come back into session until after the November election. Senate President Keith Faber says legislation to deal with the opioid problem in Ohio is in the works but there is controversy over some details. In a written statement, Gov. John Kasich’s office says he is working with local communities and the legislature and has taken several actions to deal with opioid abuse prevention and treatment.

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