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State Budget Passes With Medicaid Expansion Freeze; Heads To Gov. Kasich

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio's Republican-controlled legislature has approved a new two-year state budget that includes a freeze on Medicaid expansion enrollment next year.  

Lawmakers in the House and Senate signed off on the $65 billion spending plan Wednesday, sending it to Gov. John Kasich. They'll now be waiting to see if Kasich vetoes the freeze on Medicaid expansion enrollment.  The governor's office says freezing Medicaid enrollment could mean that as many as 500,000 low-income adults will lose health insurance coverage.  Lawmakers are cutting it close with the budget this year. The governor must sign it by midnight Friday.  Republicans in the legislature say the Medicaid enrollment freeze helps limit costs and continues to provide health insurance for low-income people. Democrats oppose the freeze and say it will hurt too many people.

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