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Middletown Council Member Doesn't Regret Suggesting Paramedics Not Respond To Repeat Overdoses


A Middletown city council member says he doesn't regret his suggestion that emergency crews should stop saving people who repeatedly overdose. Dan Picard asked just over a week ago if there is a law requiring the city to respond to overdose calls. He suggested people who overdose should be forced to perform community service to make up for the cost of an emergency run. He also said that no medics should respond if they overdose a third time. Picard says his comments "snowballed," and that he's gotten nasty responses. But he thinks the attention is positive because it shows the city is considering all solutions to a difficult problem. His proposal would limit drug users to two overdose responses.  Each time, a user would receive a summons and be required to perform community service.  If users fail to show up for court or fail to complete the service, then overdose a third time, first responders would not offer assistance. Picard has said arresting overdose victims increases the burden on taxpayers and strains the judicial system.

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