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Conservative Group Praises State Efforts To Close Tax Looholes

Ohio Public Radio

A conservative think tank is praising what looks to finally be the beginning of a committee that’s supposed to look into so-called tax loopholes. This is an issue that has support from both ends of the political spectrum. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.  

The conservative Buckeye Institute says it would consider it a win if the state could find a way of closing up to $1 billion in what they call tax loopholes.


The group’s Greg Lawson says he’s excited about a review of the state’s 120-plus tax expenditures, which includes a tax break for fractional jet ownership and for political donations.


Lawson says these expenditures have added up over the years and have strayed away from the purpose to incentivize spending.


“What you’re really doing is making Swiss cheese out of the tax code, there’s big holes that some people are going to drive through and other people are not going to drive through, that’s not what tax policy should be about.”


Though liberal groups such as Policy Matters Ohio are also in support, Lawson says they'd likely disagree over what to do with the extra money.


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