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Judge Says Cleveland Doesn't Owe Money To Wrongfully Imprisoned Men

A federal district judge has ruled the City of Cleveland is not liable for the decades three men spent in prison for a 1970s slaying they didn't commit. The judge dismissed lawsuits filed by 62-year-old Wiley Bridgeman, 59-year-old Kwame Ajamu and 60-year-old Ricky Jackson, saying they could not prove Cleveland police detectives fabricated reports or coerced a 12-year-old boy to lie at their trials. Bridgeman and Jackson were released from prison in November 2014 after the witness, now an adult, recanted. Ajamu was paroled in 2003. The State of Ohio has paid the men millions of dollars for wrongful imprisonment. Bridgeman and Ajamu's attorney says he plans an appeal.

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