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Kasich Apparently Flip-Flops On Gun Control

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Governor John Kasich has apparently changed his views on gun regulations. 

The change was apparent in public comments made Sunday about the deadly Florida school shootings, and on his campaign website. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler explains.

Kasich said on CNN’s State of the Union that the gun issue needs to be dealt with at the state and local level.

“Where we have to affect this, I believe, is at the local level and the Statehouse, because you can have greater access to politicians who serve in the state legislature, in the county commission, in the city council. That’s where you need to put the pressure and call these people out.”
But the page of Kasich’s campaign website that noted that he has signed every piece of pro-Second Amendment legislation he’s seen as governor and that he was endorsed by the NRA disappeared after the CNN comments. His campaign strategist says Kasich is a 2nd amendment supporter, but his views have evolved, but didn’t offer specifics.

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