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Kasich Proposes Package Of Gun Regulations

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Governor John Kasich proposed several gun law changes he hopes to get through the Republican-dominated  legislature. This comes after several weeks of talking about a private group he convened to discuss gun laws, and after a public pivot on gun regulations following the Florida high school shooting on Valentine’s Day.  Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports

Kasich says the group wants state laws keeping firearms from potentially dangerous people and domestic abusers, closing gaps in the National Instant Criminal Background Check system, strengthening prohibitions on third party or “straw man” purchases, and banning armor-piercing ammo and bump stocks. And he’s handing what he calls a reasonable package over to state lawmakers for action.


“This is something they have to work on. I don’t intend to browbeat them or – I’m going to encourage them every step of the way.”

Kasich says there are things he could do to push the package along, but wants to give lawmakers a chance to work. Senate President Larry Obhof’s spokesman says he’s open to dialogue.


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