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Columbus Council Approves Settlement With Man Stomped By Cop; Two Tax Breaks; Parking Code Changes

Franklin County Sheriff's Office

Columbus City Council last night approved a 30 thousand dollar settlement of excessive use of force claims by a man stomped by a police officer while restrained last year. 

27-year-old Demarko Anderson was assaulted by officer Zachary Rosen while being arrested at a home on Maize Road. City Attorney Zach Klein recommended the settlement.
Police were responding to a reported shooting in the area when they say Anderson escaped. The assault happened when he was being recaptured. Rosen was fired by the city, but an arbitrator reinstated him last March. Police and the mayor's office declined comment on the settlement. Anderson was convicted last week for shooting into a North Linden apartment last year. The judge who sentenced Anderson to four years in prison apologized to him for Rosen’s behavior. Anderson also pleaded guilty to spitting in an officer’s face after his arrest in a local bar. Council also approved a pair of tax breaks, including a 10-year, 75-percent property tax abatement for The Daimler Group, a developer that has contributed to the campaigns of elected city officials. The company plans to build a speculative office and distribution center near the airport, creating ten new jobs. Community activist Joe Motil spoke against the deal. 


Council also approved a 5-year, 50-percent income tax break fortghe  IBOD Company, the parent  of Root Insurance. The firm plan to move 79 workers from Gay Street to Rich Street and create additional jobs. Owner Alex Timm says the company needs the break, even though it is doing well.


Council also approved a series of parking code changes. Those include requiring owners to move a vehicle parked on a street 75 feet every 72 hours, creating dedicated parking spaces for car-sharing services and creating districts where meter revenue can be reinvested in transportation. 

Jim has been with WCBE since 1996. Before that he worked as a reporter at another Columbus radio station, and for three newspapers in Southwest Florida.
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