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State Lawmakers Override Veto Of "Stand Your Ground" Gun Bill

Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio House and Senate Thursday voted to override Governor John Kasich's veto of the amended  "Stand Your Ground" gun bill. 

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

The bill shifts the burden of proof in self-defense cases from the defense to the prosecution. It also makes other changes that pro-gun groups were pushing for.

Kasich’s main objections to the bill centered around lawmakers’ refusal to move his gun regulation proposals.


Senate President Larry Obhof says Kasich and other opponents are focusing too much on what the bill did not address.


Obhof: “If you look at the merits of that bill and address the merits of that bill instead of letting it get caught up in a discussion of things that weren’t on the floor today frankly I think we should’ve gotten more votes than we did.”


The bill was formerly a “Stand Your Ground” bill which removes the “duty to retreat” when a person is caught in a life threatening situation. Obhof says he’d like to readdress that issue next session.


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