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Columbus' First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens Next Week


Columbus' first medical marijuana dispensary opens Tuesday on Grandview Avenue. 

Terrasana Chief Medical Officer and Head of Research Doctor William Kedia offered the following message for potential customers.  

“We are very well-trained from a medical perspective and very empathetic to their condition,” Kedia said. “We will provide you the best quality care that we can and guidance to find the right product for you that’s going to work for you. We really have a unique product profile at a much lower price point than anybody else that’s open currently. We also have a cashless payment system, so patients don’t have to worry about bringing in cash with them to come in and buy their medication.”

Kedia says prices start at 40 dollars per unit. In the medical profession for 20 years, Kedia views medical cannabis as being especially beneficial for patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 


“I actually see quite a few military patients, and quite a few of them have PTSD,” Kedia said. “Treating them is very problematic, because there’s never one medication that controls or helps control all of their symptoms. Often times putting them on multiple medications, you’re worried about side effects and interactions with other medications. From the research I’ve seen, one dose or one strain of cannabis depending on the severity of their symptoms is sufficient. I don’t need to jump from medication to medication. They have relief and control of their symptoms. These difficult-to-treat conditions, cannabis lets me treat them in a much more clean and safe fashion.”             

Terrasana will open three other Ohio locations soon. A branch in Cleveland opens Thursday. A Fremont location opens April 2. Construction delays have pushed back the Springfield facility's start date to the beginning of June.  Meanwhile, Ohio's new medical marijuana program will be featured this weekend in Akron.  The Ohio Marijuana Expo will bring doctors, cultivators and dispensaries together to discuss the alternative to traditional medications.  More information is available online at

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