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Dayton Mayor Got Extra Security After Trump's Visit

The Mayor of Dayton, where nine people were slain in a mass shooting August 4, says a round-the-clock security detail was assigned to her because of hate-filled messages she received following verbal sparring with President Trump after his visit to a Dayton hospital earlier this month. 

Trump after his August 7 visit called a news conference Mayor Nan Whaley held with Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio "a fraud." Whaley responded in an interview with CNN that Trump is a "bully and a coward." The Dayton Daily News reports it reviewed dozens of messages regarding Whaley that contained abusive language and expletive-laced insults. The messages prompted city officials to assign Whaley the police security detail. Dayton police say there were no specific threats directed toward Whaley.

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