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DeWine Tests Positive For COVID-19

Governor DeWine speaking from his Cedarville home

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine tested positive for COVID-19 today, just ahead of a planned meeting with President Trump in Cleveland. DeWine says he took the test as part of standard protocol. The governor held a press conference later in the day from his home in Cedarville.

"I feel fine," DeWine said. "I have a headache, but I get a lot of headaches so it's not that unusual. Besides a that, I feel well. But a big surprise to me, and a big surprise to our family."

DeWine responded to several questions, including whether this will deter people from wearing a mask.


"I got a few texts from people about that, sort of saying we told you wearing masks didn't matter," DeWine said. "If people take that lesson from the fact that I apparently have it, that would be the wrong lesson. The lesson that should come from this is that we're all human, this virus is everywhere, this virus is very tough, and you can contract it even when you're being very careful and even when you're wearing a mask. But your odds are just dramatically better. My odds obviously weren't good that day when I contracted it."  

DeWine says he fully intends to continue his duties as governor.


"Well, I've been leading the people of Ohio from this house since March," DeWine said. "I go to Columbus for the press conferences, but most of the work I've done is right here. I'm out walking on the farm and talking on the phone. This is the modern world, and we can certainly do that. As long as I'm feeling okay, we'll be okay in doing this."

DeWine then plans to quarantine at his home in Cedarville for 14 days. He said he plans to take part in tomorrow's scheduled coronavirus update.

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