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Ohio AG Praises Police And Calls For More Consistent Training

Ohio Attorney General's office

Ohio Attorney General David Yost is calling for more respect - and more training - for law enforcement officers.  

Speaking Monday at the annual Law Enforcement Conference, Yost says he's never seen more anger directed at police. And he said police departments need to have better and more consistent training to promote public safety.  

In Ohio police recruits are required to complete 737 hours of training, compared to 2,000 hours for electricians, or 1,800 hours for barbers.  

In May Yost drew criticism from the Fraternal Order of Police/Ohio Labor Council for cancelling advanced training and certification testing at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.  27 training officers were abruptly laid off.  Yost said at the time that training should be decentralized and conducted regionally.

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