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DeWine Urges Passage of Stronger Gun Laws

WCBE files

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is calling for stronger gun laws.  

He opened Tuesday's coronavirus press conference with a review of some headlines from around the state:

Over the past two weeks we found reports in the news media of at least 88 people shot in Ohio. Of those, at least 34 were killed, including a young boy named King Pleasant. King was just six-years old, had a future with infinite possibilities. Until he was shot to death last week.”

DeWine wants lawmakers to pass a bill toughening penalties for possessing firearms illegally, especially if the person was convicted of a violent crime:


Our bill that I’m asking the General Assembly to pass, will toughen penalties for people who are breaking the law by having a weapon. The people who are most likely to use a gun to kill.

Our bill provides added penalties for these individuals - they’re not allowed to have a gun because they’ve committed a felony – and we would enhance the penalty, give judges more discretion, when their previous crime was a crime of violence.

This is an easy one. This is not hard. We need to get it done.”


The " STRONG Ohio" bill was introduced last October. 

A native of Chicago, naturalized citizen of Cincinnati and resident of Columbus, Alison attended Earlham College and the Ohio State University. She has equal passion for Midwest history, hockey and Slavic poetry.
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