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Some Without Masks At Debate, Husted Says Cleveland Clinic 'Did Everything They Could'

President Donald Trump’s positive COVID test has stirred questions about what health orders were followed at Cleveland Clinic during the presidential debate. And while it's unknown whether Trump or his staff were infected at the time of the debate, there are pictures that show people in the debate hall were not wearing masks. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports. 

People attending the debate were required to get tested and screened before entering. 


But pictures show that some attendees from the Trump campaign were not wearing a mask, which is mandated in the state. 


Lt. Gov. Jon Husted says he witnessed the Clinic staff doing everything they could to "get people to do the right thing."  


"But as we learned in life, in trying to get them to do those things and follow the rules, not everybody does it, but I can tell you that everybody that I observed did." 


A Cleveland Clinic statement says, based on the safety measures taken, they believe there is a "low risk of exposure" to guests.  


No word if the Cleveland Clinic faces any penalties. Many bars and restaurants have faced fines and citations for not following health orders.


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